Book Review: Sleepy Hollow Children of the Revolution

9780553419009Disclosure: This book was provided free of charge by Blogging For Books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Sleepy Hollow: Children of the Revolution is a fictional novel based off the hit television series “Sleepy Hollow.”

The New Year is approaching and things seem to be peaceful in Sleepy Hollow, until Ichabod Crane has a vision from his dead wife Katrina, who is trapped in purgatory. Katrina shows Ichabod various memories from his previous life, and instructs him to retrieve his congressional cross he was awarded.

Once awakened from his daydream, Ichabod immediately reaches out to Detective Abbie Mills, as she is his closet confidant and one of three people who understands the supernatural world he has found himself displaced in.

Ichabod informs Abbie about his vision and about retrieving a congressional cross he was awarded, but unfortunately never received due to his untimely demise on the battlefield with the headless horseman. Because of Ichabod’s unforeseen death, his cross was supposed to be given to his family, but because he had no documented family, it ended up being adrift through the centuries.

Ichabod informs Abbie that George Washington commissioned a French smithsman to create ten congressional crosses that would be later awarded to ten brave soliders, including Ichabod himself. As Abbie and Ichabod search for his missing congressional cross, they discover other congressional crosses have been turning up missing and leaving a trail of dead bodies in the process.

No longer thinking the missing congressional crosses are just coincidences, Abbie and Ichabod enlist the help of her sister Jenny, who has a history of dealing with the supernatural as well as being recently released from a psychatric hospital; as well as Abbie’s Captain, Frank Irving, who is relatively new to all things supernatural. Together, they discover there are more sinister things at hand, and one in which involves an evil witch trying to be resurrected–again.

I’m such a colossal fan of the television series “Sleepy Hollow.” Therefore, when I saw a book based off the series was available, I jumped at the chance to get my own personal copy. If you’re unfamiliar with the series, it’s about a man named Ichabod Crane who was a solider, and worked along side General George Washington to stop evil. During a battle, Ichabod kills the headless horseman after receiving a fatal blow himself. Ichabod is resurrected in the future as is the headless horseman as a result of their blood mixing and connecting them. He crosses paths with Abbie Mills who becomes a loyal ally against the supernatural forces that wants to destroy to them both as well as the evil who holds Ichabod’s wife in purgatory.

The book is completely identical to the series as far as characters and plot are concerned. Reading this book was like watching the series which goes to show how much time and research the author put into writing this book. The point-of-view jumps from present to past a few times, giving the reader more background knowledge of the congressional crosses and the important role they have in the story. I found myself speed reading quite a few times because I was dying to know who was behind the theft, and was shocked to find out the perpetrator was closer than I thought. This is a good read for both mystery lovers and fans of “Sleepy Hollow.” This book does not disappoint.






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