Punch Bowls & Pitcher Drinks


Punch Bowls & Pitcher Drinks is a fun cocktails book based on classic drink recipes you can enjoy by yourself or with a crowd. The majority of the recipes included in the book do have alcohol in them; however, authors Jeanne Kelley and Sarah Tenaglia also offer non-alcohol options for both adults and children.

The book has 112 pages filled with familiar and creative drink recipes that will both delight and entertain party attendees alike. While trying to remake some of the recipes offered in the book, I realized you have to have a well-stocked pantry to make most if not all of the recipes. The ingredients list tends to run quite long, but the ingredients can be found in your local grocery or shop that sells alcohol.

If you’re hosting a party, the recipes make rather big batches, but if you are entertaining a small group of people, then I would highly suggest cutting the recipe in half. Of all the recipes in the book, my favorite to recreate was the tropicolada. It’s the same as a pina colada, which I have taken a liking to as of recent, with the addition of mango, whipping cream, bananas, and lime juice. The addition of the whipping cream and mango gave it a rich smoothie taste, and I was able to recreate it without the alcohol for a recent party I had.

There are plenty of drink recipes in this book that works well for all occasions and events, and even if you are not a bartender by trade, the authors make the recipes simple enough that you can follow along and create your own masterpieces.


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