Slow Fires by Justin Smillie

9780804186230I am one of those cooks who hates sitting around and waiting for summer to come to gather up family and friends for a nice outdoor barbecue. I recently read The Barbecue Bible which explained a variety of cooking appliances that can be used indoors for stovetop barbecuing which is where my fascination for Slow Fires was born.

Slow Fires is a cookbook loaded with recipes to barbecue a variety of ingredients with various cooking techniques. If you are a beginner pit master, then you may find this book to be a little challenging because some of the ingredients listed tend to be quite long, and if you are new to cooking, I always recommend sticking to five ingredients of less.

The food photography is so rustic in this book which I think is due to the matte finish of the pages which made dive deeper into reading it. Author Justin Smillie makes reading the recipes as straightforward as possible despite feeling as if you are holding a textbook at The Culinary Institute of America, which are not difficult to consume but can be overwhelming when you when first start reading and applying the information.

Chef Smillie takes you on one of the best cooking journeys you will probably take in your life, all while using the simplest of cooking techniques that you learn when you first start learning how to cook. The only difference with this cookbook is that he pushes the boundaries of what you think you can and cannot slow cook. This book opened up a world of ingredients in which I can create the perfect slow fire meal.


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