Lucky Rice by Danielle Chang

9780804186681“If we are what we eat, then we are all part Asian.”

I love Asian cuisine because it is rich with culture, heritage, and history; it is probably the one cuisine I tend to find cultural similarities with Southern cuisine. In Lucky Rice, author Danielle Chang is nice enough to divulge a variety of Asian dishes, both traditional and commercial, that are easy to prepare at home; reminding us of how blessed we are to have the nearest Asian restaurant located down the street.

Like Asian cookbook, I have to come to realize they are not books to be flipped through solely for the recipes, but to be read like a fairy tale story with the recipes as the prince or princess of the take. In order to successfully recreate the dishes found in Lucky Rice, I had to make quite a few trips down to the local Asian market, and the employees were nice enough to educate me on all the ingredients I needed and their uses.

Chang is like a tour guide in this book, and she takes you on both a culinary and cultural journey with both her headnotes and recipes. The pictures are amazing and are adorned with thorough and detailed recipe instructions. There recipes are easy to prepare and I would highly suggest avoiding using any substitutions because it would be like substituting a perfectly grilled T-bone steak for McDonalds. No offense McDonalds. Substituting the ingredients in this book simply takes away the authenticity of such a flavorful and unique culinary experience.

Although I enjoyed recreating the recipes in Lucky Rice, I recommend cooks of all levels to try the U.S. Army Stew because it is a melting pot of flavors.


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