The Dim Sum Field Guide


The Dim Sum Field Guide is probably the worst choice I could have made when it came to choosing a cookbook. I’m familiar with the Field Guide books, and have found them useful when it comes to identifying ingredients; however, this book was nothing like that and proved to be a great disappointment.
The Dim Sum Field Guide is basically a dictionary of various dim sums. Background information is given for each dim sum such as origins and identification, but nothing of real interest. In the identification section, it tells you what’s in the dim sum, but no real preparation or measurements are given. 

In previous Field Guides, ingredient uses and recipes were included, but nothing of the sort was included in this book; even the reference material was mundane. To say this book was disappointing is saying the least, and I would not recommend this book to anyone. I found it useless and better information about dim sums can be found on internet for free.


I Amost Forgot About You by Terry McMillan

What do you get when you combine a successful woman on a journey about self-discovery, love, a little drama, and some amazing friends? A Terry McMillan novel.
In I Almost Forgot About You, we’re introduced to a successful optometrist named Georgia. She has two adult adults, successful in their own right, two successful practices in Sam Francisco, and a great group of girlfriends. Feeling as if she is in a rut, Georgia comes to discover an old flame of hers died in a car, and decides she will reach out to every man she was in a relationship with and tell them what they meant to her.
Even though Georgia is much older than I am, I still found her and her story relatable. We all share that journey of self-discovery, and correcting past wrongs, and trying to figure out what drives us in life. Georgia definitely undergoes major change as the book progresses, and I thought she and everyone connected to her were better for it.