Gluten-Free for Good by Samantha Senevirantne


I never really had a desire to prepare gluten-free dishes until I met some new friends a couple of years ago who suffers from celiac disease. Celiac disease is when someone consumes wheat products, and their small intestine cannot absorb the proteins found in wheat properly; therefore, their immune system attacks their small intestine.

I am always on the lookout for gluten-free books, so when I am having dinner parties I can include dishes that are gluten-free. Gluten-Free for Good by Samantha Senevirantne is a book I really love because even though it is a gluten-free book, the recipes are not made of mainly vegan and vegetarian recipes; all the recipes included covers a wide range of dish categories such as breakfast, soups, pizza, and desserts.

One of my greatest fears when it comes to preparing gluten-free dishes is knowing what substitutions I can use in place of wheat products. The author includes a small list of flour substitutions, but I wish she would have included an entire list of gluten free products that can be used since the marketplace now offers gluten-free products such as pasta and beer. I found the substitution list to be too limited and thus can affect the quality of a gluten-free dish if all a person knows is to simply use gluten-free flour.

Beyond that, I thoroughly enjoyed all of the recipes because it does not lock someone with a gluten-free diet into a vegetarian or vegan diet. There are plenty of hearty recipes such as “One-pot chicken thighs with wild rice and leeks” or my favorite desserts “Chocolate and orange cheesecake” and “Raspberry cream tart with pistachios.” One part of the book I found to be limited was the soups category. It was just two vegetarian dishes, and even though I like those types of dishes too, I didn’t want to be limited to preparing those types of dishes.

The food photography is wonderful and the recipes are easy to read and follow along with. The ingredients are not anything you could not find in your local grocery store which is what I like about it. The majority of the recipes take about an hour or less to make which is also a good thing, especially if you are short on time in the kitchen.

Gluten-Free for Good is a good resource to find inspirational and creative gluten-free recipes; however, the background information about gluten-free foods and diet is sorely lacking, and there was absolutely no mention of celiac disease which I think is important for people to know because most people I encounter believe gluten free and celiac disease are two separate entities and they are not which can lead to a lot of misunderstandings. Other than that, it is a good cookbook to keep handy in the kitchen.