Amaro by Brad Thomas Parsons

BoBIn Amaro, Brad Thomas Parsons brings attention to an old world tradition of creating interesting and new flavors of cocktails to a new generation eager to wet their taste buds with something foreign, yet familiar.

Amaro is the simple production of removing flavors from herbs, spices, and other edible foods, and then injecting those flavors along with sugar syrup (or simple syrup as most home cooks and bartenders/mixologist) in alcohol either consume immediately, or to sit while it develops flavor. The production of amaro has a long standing history in Europe, but has increasingly gained popularity in America and countries throughout the world. If you don’t believe me, just head over to Youtube and type in “Tipsy Bartender.”

I loved the history Parsons weaved together in this book because even though it is a tradition founded in Italy, it has made its way here to America in the manner of taking every day alcohol, and adding different flavors such as candy, fruits, spices, or whatever else we can use to spike and add flavor to our mundane vodka or tequila. Not to mention, amaro alone has changed the way alcohol consumers define or want their drinks to be made.

There are plenty of cocktail recipes included throughout the book, but I wouldn’t recommend taking them on unless you have a GOOD grade of alcohol and not the cheap stuff sold in grocery stores. If you are someone who enjoyed the television show “Mad Men” then you will definitely love the look and appeal of this book.


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