Foundations of Drawing by Al Gury


This by far is the best fundamental books on drawing that I have had the pleasure of reading; unlike other drawing books that begin with illustrations without the author telling or showing you how they came to the finished product.

Gury sets the tone of the book by telling his readers anyone—no matter what skill level they’re at—can learn to draw with proper tools and instruction. From there, he proceeds to go into a brief history about the origins of drawing dating far back as prehistory to modern times.

Drawing materials and how to use them are thoroughly explained, however, I wish there had been exercises included at the end of each chapter to further build upon the knowledge given. There are plenty of examples of drawings throughout the book, and some have a step-by-step detail of the definitions; however, I just felt that in order to build on what is being taught then the appropriate exercises should have been included.

I can definitely say this was one of the few books I was able to read from cover to cover with pure enthusiasm for the subject of art and drawing. Gury proves why he is such a great art teacher, and his passion for art and drawing comes alive within the pages of this book.



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