Book Review: Kissed By An Angel by Elizabeth Chandler

untitledKissed By An Angel by Elizabeth Chandler is the first book in the Kissed By An Angel trilogy. It is a young adult novel filled with  love, loss, friendship, family, and the supernatural.

I first experienced this book as a freshman in college, but I was unable to finish it and ended up returning the book to the library. So when I discovered my library had copies of this book I thought it was  my second chance to finish reading a love story I’ve been obsessed with for years.

The story revolves around two main characters: Tristan Carruthers and Ivy Lyons. Tristan is the all-american high school guy that girls are
in love with. He’s athletic, book smart, a great friend as well as
good looking. From the moment Ivy transferred to his school in the
spring he had been madly in love with her, except the only problem was
she didn’t know. Ivy is a girl who walks to the beat of her own drum
and she doesn’t let the popularity and money that runs her new school
disrupt that. She is completely clueless to the fact that Tristan is
head over heels in love with her, and that’s mainly because she is so
distracted with the upcoming wedding of her mom who was actually the
mistress of her future husband, Andrew, and his son Gregory is not
really pleased to be gaining another family.

Ivy’s friends, Suzanne and Beth, try to convince her that Tristan is
in love with her, but all she can see is a jock that she’ll never be
interested in. Although Tristan and Ivy have had encounters in the
past, they never really had a successful one until Tristan and his
friend Gary decide to work as waiters at the wedding reception to earn
money for an upcoming swim competition. Tristan ends up proving how
horrible of a waiter he is and ends up being fired. He spends the rest
of the night in a closet adjacent to the kitchen when a little boy
decides to hide out, too. The boy is Phillip who just happens to be
Ivy’s little brother. While trying to keep Phillip entertained,
Tristan puts food in his nose, teeth, ears when Ivy walks into the
room and is shocked by what she sees, and Tristan is horrified because
he thinks Ivy will never like him after his display of immaturity.

When Ivy’s parents return from their honeymoon they notice the
furniture has been torn to shreds, and thus believe Ivy’s cat is
responsible. They come to the conclusion Ivy has to give away the cat,
so she posts ads about the cat only to receive a call from Tristan
saying he wants to take the cat. Ivy delivers the cat to Tristan’s
home when he learns Ivy is afraid of water and offers to give her
lessons. During one of their swimming sessions Tristan sees Ivy in the
deep part of the pool under the water, so he dives in thinking she was
in trouble. He learns that Ivy wasn’t in trouble and was actually
diving for a penny to show him that she could swim. He tries to storm
off telling her that he’ll never be her hero, and the light bulb goes
off for Ivy and they share their first kiss.

On a winding road to dinner, Tristan notices something is wrong with
the brakes and he can’t slow down. As Ivy is telling him to stop the
car, it accelerates even more and they end up in an accident in which
Tristan dies. Tristan doesn’t realize he is dead until he sees his
father standing over his body crying. Tristan decides he has to go to
Ivy and try to make it clear to her that he loved her. After Tristan’s
death, everything takes a left turn when Gregory’s mother kills
herself. Tristan soon discovers he has to keep Ivy safe from the
person who killed Gregory’s mother.

I loved this book from start to finish, and I finished it within a day
because I was so engulfed in the story that I couldn’t put it down.
The book switches from Ivy and Tristan’s point of view, so as the
reader I was able to experience the lives and love for each other
through each person’s point of view. Tristan had a love for Ivy that
most people wish they had regardless of what age it happens, and it
was so real for me because I have loved like that so I was able to
relate to his character, and I was also able to relate to Ivy because
she was so oblivious to the fact Tristan was in love with her. Then
she had to deal with his sudden death and weather or not he knew she
loved him, too.

With so many romance novels injecting love scenes, I was glad the
author was able to create true and intimate love without the physical.
The imagery of the scenes with Tristan and Ivy immediately thrusts you
into their world and you are being surrounded by their love and
drowning in it without wanting to come up for air.

The book really gets good when it turns out that Gregory’s mother
didn’t kill herself but was murdered, and the killer thinks Ivy saw
him and tries to go after her on many occasions. Since Tristan can’t
help her as an angel, he decides to enter the minds of her friends
Beth and Will to help protect her. Will and Beth end up being
important players in the story.