Martha Stewart’s Appetizers

9780307954626Martha Stewart’s Appetizers is a revision of her original appetizers book, Hors d’ Oeuvres. It consists of over 200 appetizer recipes that covers everything from starters to small plates to drinks. I was a fan of the original appetizers book, and I am loving this one just the same.

When it comes to preparing foods for parties I host in my home, appetizers are my favorite to prepare. They are mood makers when it comes to serving full course meals, the can be icebreakers for guests, especially when a lot of them do not know each other, they can be the meal themselves, and overall they are so easy to make.

One of the great things about this book is that it provides variety which is what I try to strive for when making appetizers. I always try to create a variety of appetizers to appeal to everyone without isolating anyone such as vegans or vegetarians. There are recipes for different types of nuts from savory to sweet, side dishes such as potato bites and beans are included, and bite size main courses such as hand pies. The drinks chapter was only okay for me because they are recipes I can find in any bartending book. I was hoping there would be some mixology creativity because I have been inspired by Tipsy Bartender to step up my drink making game.

Throughout Martha Stewart’s Appetizers, it stays true to the idea of appetizers: bold flavors with minimum effort. All the recipes are easy to make and quick on time. They can be made ahead of time and some can be either refrigerated or frozen until serving time. A lot of the recipes I was already familiar with, but I did find a couple of new ones to make.


Clean Slate from the Editors of Martha Stewart Living

It is a new year which means it is time to fine-tune those bad eating habits, and Clean Slate is the perfect book to help you get started towards your goal of healthy eating.

Clean Slate is about clean eating: consuming whole, unprocessed foods—a plant-based diet. Instead of the creating a book loaded full of healthy recipes which you do not know the dietary benefits, the editors intentionally dedicated the first portion of the book to educate you on what clean eating is, how it can and will benefit your body and overall health in the long run, and what types of foods you should be consuming on a daily basis to get the benefits needed to help you stay focused and more energized throughout the day.

If you did not pay attention in your wellness class in school, you will appreciate the brief overview of what fiber and protein is and the role they play within our bodies—including many other nutrients. You will discover the best natural sources to keep your body strong daily, and potential food substitutions that may seem hard at first, especially if you’re a sugar junkie such as myself, and how to shop for the foods that you will eventually become comfortable preparing for yourself. A source of foods is listed for the following groups: Super detoxifiers, antioxidant powerhouses, inflammation fighters, and digestive aids.

One of the great things about Clean Slate is that not all the recipes are tofu based. The recipes are a combination of vegan and vegetarian recipes which helps if you are new to clean eating, and looking for a little flexibility with your meals. The illustrations included with the recipes are not your typical boring, inedible looking recipes, but great dishes which covers a variety of nutritional food groups for those who do not just want to eat salads, consume protein drinks, and water all day.

After reading Clean Slate, I discovered a newfound respect for healthy eating and how I do need to make better choices when it comes to my eating habits. I gained a lot of nutritional information which I can effectively put to use in the kitchen as well as with my grocery shopping habits. Clean Slate is definitely a great book for anyone to use, but especially for those seeking to make eating cleaner a lifestyle.