Book Review: Unlucky 13 by James Patterson

Disclosure:¬†Unlucky 13 is part of the Women’s Murder Club series, and I highly recommend you read the previous books in the series.

The day was an ordinary day for detective Lindsay Boxer and her partner Richie Conklin, until she receives a phone call from her closet friend, and San Francisco Chief Medical Examiner, Claire Washburn. There has been an one car accident, and Washburn wants Boxer’s second opinion on the scene.

Once on scene, Boxer is shocked by what she is staring at inside the mangled jeep: two dead bodies, one male and one female, whose insides were literally blown inside out. Because of the possible use of bombs, the FBI is called in to investigate whether or not it’s a terrorist act.

As Boxer and Conklin investigate the bridge homicide, they learn the victims were local college students and had no enemies. Until, Boxer goes to the M.E’s office and discovers a magnesium compound was ingested by the victims causing them to explode. This new clue sends Boxer and her partner to a local food chain, Chuck’s.

As Boxer goes deeper into her investigation, she learns the customers of Chuck’s are being targeted with belly bombs, and that the bomber still has unfinished business.

Along with all the craziness of a bomber running around, Boxer also has to worry about Mackenzie Morales being on the loose. Mackenzie Morales is a psychopath and former lover of Randy Fish, a serial killer who was obsessed with Lindsay, who later dies. Bent on revenge, Morales has her sights on Lindsay and travels to San Francisco to make sure her revenge is carried out.

Even though I was a little lost with the history of the characters, which is why I suggested reading the previous books first, I still could not put the book down. The plot had depth and I couldn’t turn the page fast enough trying to discover who the bomber was, and just how crazy Mackenzie Morales was. Another classic penned by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro; I guarantee you will not be disappointed!